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Woven Wool Sash


Back by popular demand! Our woven wool sashes are at once a functional compliment to our canvas anoraks and a beautiful pièce de résistance to a traditional winter outfit.

Just like us, no two sashes are alike! Our sashes are made with 100% wool yarn by the creative hand of a local Manitoulin Island artisan. The colour combinations are inspired by our most popular anorak trims, but the sash patterns emerge from the spirit of the moment.

Sashes are ~4" wide, and ~7' long (not including the fringe).

NOTE: A limited number of sashes will be made this season; Ships in 1-2 weeks


What's Included

One finished wool sash

More Details

Woven wool sashes had many uses by Metis and European explorers. Originally used for back support and preventing hernias while canoeing or hauling a toboggan they also are used to keep our bulky outer anorak layer closed, preventing wind from creeping in.

Other uses include:

* carrying knives, binoculars, fire bag;
* the fringe could be used as an emergency sewing kit;
* tourniquet for wounds;
* towel or washcloth;
* makeshift tumpline and more.