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Thermohair Socks


Luxuriously warm, soft & durable mohair socks for the winter trail.

We never thought we'd get so excited for socks until we found Thermohairs!  Socks so warm and comfortable we hardly take them off.  In fact on our 40-day trip in 2010 Dave wore the same pair of Thermohair socks (with washings!) every single day - and that same pair is going as of 2015. While he's added a few pairs to his collection, he has yet to part with his original pair!

These are great as a base layer sock and are a part of our insulation package for our moccasin DIY kits. If you have circulation issues, fear not, as there is no tight elastic with these socks making them comfortable all day long.

Sizing information: All sizes (with the exception of xs) are listed in men's sizes.  Women should downsize 2 shoe sizes when selecting their socks.  That is, a woman size 8 would select a men's 6/7 (small).

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