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Snowtrekker Crew (9 x 11.5)


The Crew is a light-weight and simple design, ideal for those wanting to travel quickly or over challenging terrain.

This tent has the same footprint as the Basecamp, but has a 6” shorter height and is 6 lbs lighter. There is less interior space, but is a bit easier to handle and quicker to set up.

Sleeps 3 on ground pads or 1-2 on cots

NOTE: Ships in <1 week

What's Included

Tent package includes tent with frame and stove jack. Frame comes with a pole bag. Tent bags are sold separately.

Tents have 2 zipper pulls on the door.

The Crew incorporates the corner placement of the stove.

Our tents do not have a floor.

More Details

The Crew is built with custom 7 ounce canvas and utilizes our functional interior frame design providing you with the maximum amount of usable, unobstructed living space.

Tent Dimensions:
Ridge Height: 78.5"
Ridge Length: 97"
Tent Weight: 14.4 lbs
Frame Weight: 6.3 lbs
Total Weight: 20.7 lbs

5" Stove Jack diameter

We recommend the Alaskan Jr. stove with the Crew

Average Tent Pack Size
24" Long, 14" Wide, 6" Deep

Tent Frame Pack Size
24" Long, 4" Diameter

Removable Front Door and Stove Jack Cover

Velcro attachment system: The removable Front Door and Stove Jack Cover require the addition of a durable velcro strip, sewn around the doorway and stove jack. A small canvas flap is also sewn along the top edge of the stove jack also to prevent rainwater leakage through the stove jack cover interface.

Mosquito Netting Door: This is a zippered mesh door for easy access, attached to the tent with Velcro so that the entire door can simply be removed.

Stove Jack Cover:
This cover is made out of the same 7 oz canvas as the tents, and attaches via Velcro on the outside allowing removal while the stove is in use.