Essential gear for your wilderness adventures!

Thompson's Arctic Wool Socks


These socks are a wonderful part of your layering system for your winter moccasins. An excellent value and made in CANADA, these socks are warm and do not restrict blood flow with tight elastics at the ankle.

These super warm socks are a perfect part of your foot layering system:

  • Thermohair socks form your base layer;
  • These Thompson's socks come second;
  • Felted boot liners are third;
  • Felted insoles underneath;
  • Soft-soled moccasins cover the whole works and complete the warmest footwear system you've ever worn!

These socks are a part of our PREMIUM Insulation Package!

These socks are generous in their fitting. They are a loose fit which makes them ideal for different sizes and also fit well in our moccasins. Think of them as your grandma's knit socks that you never want to give up! Like a warm hug for your feet and great durability in our soft soled moccasins.

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