Essential gear for your wilderness adventures!

LOTN Birchbark Headgear


This headgear is an exceptional accessory for the outdoor enthusiast. Morph it into a headband, hat, face guard or neck tube these are great to keeping your temperature moderated in all weather conditions.

These are a must have for keeping the bugs out of your ears and off your neck. Wet them to keep you cool while protecting yourself from the harsh UV rays and use one to keep the sweat and deet from your brow this buggy season!


This headgear is made up of 100 % Micro-fibres and is seamless, moisture wicking, breathable and fast drying. One size fits most adults.

The design: Modern honours Traditional

Our philosophy for our products we sell is that we like to retain all traditional aspects of a craft as long as modern-day advancements haven't been able to improve upon the ancient forms. With this piece of headgear, although it is made of a modern fabric, we are honouring the traditional crafts and materials that we love to use. It certainly wouldn't feel as cozy if we were to wrap a piece of birch bark around our faces in the cold of winter!


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