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Snowtrekker Tents

Why Choose Snowtrekker Tents? 

  • Quality Construction and Premium Materials:  Snowtrekker Tents are manufactured in the USA with our proprietary Sunforger treated 7oz canvas.  Our strong, lightweight, and collapsible free-standing aluminum tent frames make our tents capable of withstanding the rigors of backcountry camping.


  • Design Versatility: From the front country to the backcountry, Snowtrekker Tents are designed to excel in any environment.  With various size options and custom accessories available, you can easily accommodate small hunting parties to large basecamp style setups without compromising on comfort or space.



    • All-Season Performance: From the warm early season to the bitter cold of late season hunts, Snowtrekker Tents provide optimal comfort and protection. Our tents stay cool in warm weather due to the reflective properties of our white canvas, and its superior breathability. In the cold, our wedge shape design maximizes both thermal efficiency and usable space, and minimizes wind flap. With our high thread count, tight weave canvas you can be assured of protection from the elements while staying warm and dry without condensation issues.


    • Easy Setup and Takedown: Born from the rigors of winter trekking in extreme cold, our tents were designed for quick, hassle-free setup even while wearing thick gloves or mittens.  With our intuitive design and exterior guy out system you can spend less time wrestling with your tent and more time on your wilderness adventures.


    • Natural Aesthetics: The natural appearance of canvas blends seamlessly with the outdoor environments, providing a rustic and aesthetically pleasing backdrop for hunting camps.  This can enhance the overall experience for clients, creating a more immersive and authentic outdoor atmosphere.


    • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: At Snowtrekker Tents, customer satisfaction is our top priority.  We take pride in delivering products that exceed expectations and stand behind the quality and performance of our tents with a 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Being a small family business, started on a commercial sewing machine in our dining room, we understand bottom lines are important in any business and are here to help assist our customers every step of the way in purchasing a tent. 


    Ready to Elevate Your Outfitting Business?


    • Whether you’re a seasoned outfitter or just starting out, our tents are the perfect investment to enhance your operations by reducing pack stock and man hours needed to operate camp, increasing the time available for clients.


    • With options available from a base tent to a fully optioned tent, with removable stove jack covers and mosquito net or clear plastic doors and windows, this allows you to tailor a tent to your specific needs and preferences.


    • Snowtrekker Tents lightweight breathable canvas combines comfort, durability, and practicality, making it an ideal choice for outfitters seeking reliable tent solutions that help their bottom line while enhancing the hunting experience for their clients.