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Toboggan Tanks


Keep your toboggan load tight, dry and streamlined with our specially designed tanks. Available in 4′, 6′, and 8′ these tanks are designed for an efficient traveler who appreciates a simple design and rugged durability.

Available in two different closure styles!

Click here to see a tank and other toboggan bags in action.

Click here to see a comparison of our “Classic” and “Speed Lash” closure styles.

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What's Included

A fully assembled tank, complete with lashing system, handles, and some spare parts.

More Details

Toboggan tanks are essentially a sewn fabric ‘box’ in which to wrap your toboggan load. They are tidier, and easier to handle than a tarp, with the disadvantage of being less versatile (ie. they will not serve well as a ground tarp in your tent if so desired).

We went all out when designing our tanks: they are made with 1000 denier Cordura in the bottom half for extra durability and 500d Cordura in the top flaps to keep weight as low as possible.

Classic Toboggan Tanks:
We selected high quality Duraflex buckles in cold-resistant acetal and polyester webbing. Our tanks have a generous overlap of fabric on all four sides, that combined with the simple buckles makes securing your load before lashing a breeze even with mittens on! Classic Tanks require an independent lashing system to secure the load to your toboggan. This comes standard on LOTN toboggans, but if you have a toboggan without a lashing system, we can supply that for you as well.

Speed Lash Toboggan Tanks:
The same body as our Classic Tanks, but with an integrated closure and lashing system that closes the tank and secures it to the toboggan in a simple and efficient process. Speed lash tanks do not require an independent lashing system to secure the load to your toboggan as this is integrated into the tank itself.

Sizing Your Tank:
Tanks are often (but not always) sized to cover all of the ‘soft-goods’ on a toboggan, with the ‘hard-goods’ (like stoves or wannigans) left uncovered, or packed in separate Stove Bags. As an example, if you are using a 10′ toboggan, you will have ~ 8′ of packable space. If you plan to place a stove of ~ 2′ length at the front or rear of your toboggan, you will likely want a 6′ tank. Some travellers (particularly those sharing a large toboggan among two people) like to use two smaller tanks. The advantage being that both people can keep their gear separate, and the smaller tanks are easier to move about at camp.

*Please contact us for more information on custom tank lengths.

Closure Style