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Stove Bags


Our durable Cordura stove bag is a great way to pack your trail stove.  They protect toboggan running lines from abrasion on long trips, and keep any rust, ash or soot separate from the rest of your kit.

Available in two different closure styles!

Click here to see a comparison of our “Classic” and “Speed Lash” closure styles.

Note: Ships in approximately 1 week

What's Included

A fully assembled stove bag, complete with lashing system, handles, and some spare parts.

More Details

Birth of a Stove Bag:
We’ve taken our recently improved tanks, shrunk them down to stove lengths and beefed up the corners with a second layer of 1000d Cordura to take years of abuse.

We list our stove bags based on the Kni-Co Stoves we sell, but of course you can fit any brand of stove in these that has similar dimensions. We’ve given a couple of extra inches all around, to make it easy to slip in reflectors (or to get the it back in the bag after your ‘friend’ has rolled the warm stove in the snow, turning it into a giant snowball in the process!).

Classic Stove Bag:
We selected high quality Duraflex buckles in cold-resistant acetal, and polyester webbing. Our Stove Bag has a generous overlap of fabric on all four sides, that combined with the simple buckles makes securing your load before lashing a breeze even with mittens on! Classic Stove Bags require an independent lashing system to secure the load to your toboggan. This comes standard on LotN toboggans, but if you have a toboggan without a lashing system, we can supply that for you as well. This is also a great style for packing your stove on shoulder season canoe trips!

Speed Lash Stove Bag:
The same body as our Classic bags, but with an integrated closure and lashing system that closes the bag and secures it to the toboggan in a simple and efficient process. Speed lash stove bags do not require an independent lashing system to secure the load to your toboggan as this is integrated into the stove bag itself.

Closure Style