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Traditional Snowshoes - Bear Paw and Huron - DIY Weaving Kit

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Traditional Bear Paw and Huron snowshoe weaving kit, including all the supplies and instructions necessary to weave your own pair of traditional snowshoe frames with our high-test monofilament fishing line.

The frames are crafted from high quality hardwood (white Ash).  Rugged and lightweight, these are the best snowshoes we’ve found for wilderness travel away from packed trails.

The monofilament fishing line (400 & 250lb test) we use is lighter, stronger and more abrasion resistant than traditional rawhide. It also needs no varnish, and is much less likely to stick to wet snow.  Quite simply it performs better and lasts longer than rawhide across a much wider range of conditions (and doesn’t require annual maintenance).  

Click here to see our snowshoe and binding selection guides.

We have a series of snowshoe weaving videos which have been published on YouTube! These videos demonstrate and instruct the entire weaving process.  

NOTE: Ships in 1-2 weeks.

What's Included

Our snowshoe weaving kits include all of the supplies and instructions necessary to weave your own pair of traditional snowshoes with modern fishline weave:

* High quality hardwood frames of the size and style selected – finished with exterior spar varnish;
* All the monoline necessary to complete the weave;
* 2 x high-quality, padded spring clamps;
* Aluminum cable crimps to join sections of line;
* Gil Gilpatrick‘s exceptional book “Building Wooden Snowshoes & Snowshoe Furniture”;

You Supply:
* Hammer (ball-peen preferred);
* Leather gloves;
* Pliers and cable cutters.

Does not include bindings. We sell different styles of bindings to accommodate different footwear. Select the best option for you as an Add-On below.

Check out our Binding Selection Guide for more information.

More Details

Selecting a Style:
Bear paw snowshoes are great for all around winter travel, especially in thick brush or around camp, but do not perform as well as Huron style snowshoes in wide-open areas (lakes and rivers).

Style & Size