Essential gear for your wilderness adventures!

Trail Toboggan


A fully assembled and rigged toboggan, ready to haul your load right out of the box!

Our toboggans are made out of black (UV-resistant) “High-Density Polyethelene” (HPDE), a very durable, extremely low-friction plastic which is ideal for pulling on snow and ice. 

Toboggans are cut in the traditional 'coffin-shape' for improved turning performance, and roll up for easy transportation in vehicles! 

Comes with a 3-year warranty!

NOTE: Ships in 1 week

What's Included

All toboggans come completely outfitted and ready for the trail with:

* White Ash crossbars, finished with multiple coats of linseed oil;
* Fully weather resistant fasteners throughout: stainless steel screws, stainless bolts and t-nuts at crucial areas, solid brass lash rings;
* Extremely durable 5mm climbing cord for running lines and tow lines;
* Soft, 4″ wide leather ‘tump’ strap for hauling with;
* Brass rings attached via adjustable prussik knots to create lashing points;
* Our polyester lashing straps have a great soft hand for easy lashing in cold weather, couples with steel camming buckles;
* Brake line for controlled descents;
* Two adjustable nylon straps (6" & 10") with acetal side-squeeze buckles to securely fasten your rolled up toboggan for transport.

More Details

Please check out “Toboggan Selection Guide” for more info on toboggans, and our “Toboggan Outfitting Guide” for more info about tanks, top bags and stove bags.