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Summer Moccasins - DIY Kit


Walk through the woods in style and comfort with your own trail moccasins. These have been tested and true to Lure for over 10 years now. Since the first day we wore them we've been converted and have never looked back.

With this DIY Kit, you can make your very own traditional summer moccasins! Using our high quality Ontario tanned buckskins these moccasins will stand the test of time!

NOTE: Ships in approximately 1-2 weeks


    What's Included


    * Full-colour, bound instructions;
    * All necessary deer- or moose-hide for making your moccasins;
    * Pre-cut leather thong for lacing;
    * Felted wool insoles;
    * Leather needles and sinew

    More Details

    Moccasin Sizing

    MEN: Order based on your normal shoe size

    WOMEN: Please choose a Men’s size that is 2 sizes smaller than your regular shoe size.
    (Eg. W 9 = M 7)

    NOTE: These moccasins are best suited for soft forest floors or around your own garden/workshop. They are not designed for abusive pavement or concrete.