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Beaver & Buckskin Mittens - DIY Kit


These are the mitten making kits of all mitt kits! Luxurious and rugged. Perfect for the coldest rest stops or a long snow machine ride.

These deer, bison, moose, or cow hide outer mittens, with super warm wool inner mittens, have a beaver fur back and thumb with a hide palm. You will also create removable felted wool inner mitts to ensure your hands are toasty warm in the coldest conditions!  100% breathable, your hands will stay dry and comfortable as these natural materials wick away the moisture.

**Now offering finished moccasins or mittens!!** Please contact us for details.

Sizing instructions:

Measure your palm without your thumb around the palm. Compare the measurement with the sizing chart. Select the size that coincides with the chart.  Please measure accurately, as we pre-trace the outer mittens for you.

measurement LOTN

18.00 cm- 0

19.50 cm- 1

21.00 cm - 2

22.50 cm - 3

24.00 cm - 4


** Want to know more about our hides?

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NOTE: Ships in approximately 1-2 weeks

What's Included

This mitten making kit includes all necessary materials for a complete set of our premium beaver-backed winter mittens:

* Pre-traced deer hide palms (available in a variety of colours);
* Beaver hide backs and thumbs
PLEASE NOTE: Colour of hide may vary because this is a natural product and no two beavers are alike!;
* ~ 4 square feet of wool for the inner mitt (available in a variety of colours);
* ~ 4 metres of yarn for stitching inner mittens;
* 1 darning needle;
* Artificial sinew – enough for project, plus extra for repair kit;
* 2x “Glover’s Needles” (Aka. “Triangular Needles” or “Leather Needles”);
* 2 x 3/4” buckles;
* ~ 2′ of 3/4” webbing;
* Lure of the North Patch
* Full colour, bound instruction manual;


Utility craft blade to cut beaver

More Details

The Benefits of Beaver!

Beaver hide is a beautiful, luxuriously soft and dense, warm pelt, that is sustainably trapped across most of Canada. These beaver backed mittens are the perfect way to make a significantly warmer mitten without sacrificing any dexterity. We use the same thick, felted wool inner mitt that we use on our standard mittens, and a durable deerskin, moose or bison palm. The beaver fur covering the back of your mitt doesn’t interfere with dexterity at all while adding a great deal of extra insulation.

The Best Felted Mats!

Our made-in-Canada felted wool mats are soft, thick and WARM! Gone are the days of choosing between single layer mitts for added dexterity or double layer mitts for added warmth. We think our current wool strikes an absolutely perfect balance between warmth and dexterity. Thick and warm enough for the coldest mornings, but soft and flexible enough to be worn all day for a variety of tasks. You won’t be disappointed!