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Canvas Anorak - DIY Kit

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DIY 100% cotton canvas anorak kits – with removable coyote fur hood ruff (optional).  Pre-shrunk, pre-cut and ready to sew! A beautiful, and durable windproof, breathable outer layer.

YES, you read correctly! Our DIY kits now come with finished removable ruffs, complete with canvas backing and velcro.

** Trim and sizing: Please select your decorative trim and determine your size using the sizing chart in More Details.

 NOTE: Ships in approximately 1-2 weeks

What's Included

All the materials you need to make your very own beautiful, windproof, breathable winter outer layer!

* Full-colour, bound instructional booklet;
* All pattern pieces, pre-shrunk and pre-cut;
* Decorative ribbon;
* Coyote fur ruff with cotton backing (optional);
* Velcro for wrists and throat.

You supply a sewing machine and standard sewing accoutrements (needle, thread, scissors, etc).

Does not include wool sash

More Details

Sizing Information

This is a general guideline for the sizing of our anorak. Remember, these are designed to fit loose to accommodate for bulky wool layers underneath.

NOTE: If you do not fit the sizing guideline perfectly- i.e. you are tall and thin or short and on the rounder side, then you may need a custom length adjustment which we can do no problem. So please take a look at the guidelines and contact us if you have specific questions or add it to your order notes.

Height (ft) : Weight (lbs) : Anorak Size
5’7″ & Under : 100-135 : X-Small
5’3" – 5’10" : 130-160 : Small
5’6" – 6’0" : 155-185 : Medium
5’8" – 6’2" : 180-225 : Large
5'9" – 6’5" : 220-260 : X-Large
6’0" + : 260+ : XX-Large

Why Cotton?
Modern waterproof/ breathable fabrics wick moisture through small pores between the material fibres. Cotton wicks moisture right through the fibres themselves, making for a much more breathable fabric. We use a naturally windproof tight-weave canvas, which we pre-shrink to tighten the weave further. Our anoraks are sized large to protect the large muscles of your thighs, and accommodate lots of layers underneath – even a down jacket for those frigidly cold lunch stops!

Why Fur?
We think a coyote fur ruff is essential for a good anorak hood, so these come standard on all our anoraks. Fur ruffs are not just for looking good (but it helps that they do!), the fur actually traps warm air inside the hood, creating a comfortable micro climate in front of you face. Say good bye to your icy balaclava!

We cut our coyote fur ruffs to 4″ wide (skin measurement) and then wrap them both inside and out of our deep hoods. Combined with a secure neck closure and drawstring through the hood, you will be ready for the fiercest winter winds! Check out the photos at left to see what we’re talking about!

Coyote Fur Ruff