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Stabilicers Maxx 2 Traction Shoes


These Stabilicers Maxx 2 Traction Shoes are a fantastic piece of kit to have with you on the trail. Designed to fit over most outdoor boots or shoes, they are perfect for securing over existing footwear.

Tested with our own hide or canvas upper moccasins, these devices are lightweight and packable so you can easily have them at hand on the trail.

They are designed to provide traction on the toughest ice and hard packed snow, providing peace of mind in such conditions.

During winter expeditions in the snow, it is important to be prepared for any weather conditions. With these in your kit, you can be confident in your footing over uncertain terrain.

The soles are long lasting, the straps are secure, and we think the Stabilicers Maxx 2 Traction Shoes are a great piece of kit!

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