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Rubber Soling Kit


Prolong the life of your buckskin moccasins by using this flexible soling kit. Great for touch-up and full applications.

Suitable to sole one pair of winter or summer moccasins. 

What's Included

Your soling kit comes with now even more rubber and more glue for a thicker longer lasting sole:

* 500ml of Contact Cement
* 70 grams of Shredded Rubber
* Paint Brush
* Latex gloves
* Instructions

More Details

A combination of shredded recycled rubber mixed with a strong contact cement for a flexible sole that won’t take away your connection from feeling the Earth or snow below you. A yearly maintenance with your sole can let your moccasins take you through your adventures for much longer than keeping the hide bare.

NOTE: The contact cement adheres much better to a rough hide surface, so naturally works well on the “flesh” (fuzzy or “suede” side). If applying on the “grain” or smooth side of hides, make sure to thoroughly roughen up the hide surface with sandpaper or a wire brush until it resembles the flesh side.

For .pdf instructions head to our Info Hub